Achieve anything

when you connect your heart & mind

YOU are the most important & valuable asset


I’ve helped hundreds of people and business owners to understand the power of gaining clarity, confidence and connection in their daily routines to ensure that they can lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

And I want this for you too!

I will guide you through the holistic process to achieving happiness on a daily basis and you will discover technics to bring joy into your world even on days that may have previously seemed overwhelming.

So, if you struggle with burnout, stress, overwhelm, or resentment…

If you feel that you don’t have the tools necessary to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life everyday …

Then you have come to the right place!


I am a woman on a mission to assist people to get clarity with their vision, to connect with their heart and mind and to create an actionable plan that will allow you to achieve a happy and healthy life that you truly enjoy.

To achieve this, I lean on my decades of personal growth and experience as a Personal, Professional and Wellness Coach.

I have helped so many people to turn their dreams into a reality and to achieve levels of success that they never believed was possible.

Together we’ll learn to embrace the ups and downs of life and business, while overcoming all of the challenges and obstacles that may show up along the journey.

So, if you have acknowledged that now is your time to shine, then let’s connect and have a discovery call.

Let’s start your healthy, successful, fun and rewarding life… right now!

Happiness & Success

Add yourself to the top of your priority list today and start receiving the rewards yourself and your business deserve

Nadene Allan

Lymth 4 Life

Marnie's session was so much more than I expected but honed in on some simple mindset and time management strategies to put into place immediately. Amazing results! I was able to identify some key past experiences and beliefs that had shaped my current personal habits that have affected. my approach to my business building. Looking forward to delving into the next levels of development.

Teena Pettigrew

TeenaP Fitness

I have been working with Marnie for just on a year now and she has absolutely transformed my way of thinking about myself and my business. What I thought couldn’t be done or thought  I couldn’t do, she has changed my mindset and  has given me motivation and self confidence to do all those things. I feel more empowered in my business to move forward and be successful. I can’t thank her enough.... she is an absolute god send. Thank you Marnie from the bottom of my heart.

Robyn Caddell

Elambah Coaching and Yoga

Marnie is an amazingly insightful coach that helped me create a space within myself that enabled me to feel free to provide my amazing gifts to the world! <3 Thank you so much for helping me to connect with me!


Too often we get caught up in the ‘busy-ness’ of life that we forget to add ourselves to our priority list.

While this can work in the short-term, it can have significant effects on your health, wellbeing and business in the long term.











It’s not fun and unfortunately you are not alone … it is really common.

This is why I am deeply passionate about working to help people in business and life.

I have been in your shoes and I have suffered the consequences, just like you, however thankfully I have learnt the tools and techniques required to turn that situation around.

Let me help you reconnect with yourself.

Let’s rediscover your vision…


Let’s explore your possibilities…


Let’s get clarity on what is it that you really want…

Then let’s create an actionable plan together with achievable steps, so that you can turn your dreams into a Beautiful reality.


Asset You Resources

Everything about the programs above and more!

Bianca Anderson

Loves Life

My whole life has changed and continues to change with all the life lessons & the simplicity in changing the way you think & react to situations. Mentor/life coach & business coach all in one. Connects on a deep level, remember you'll only get out of it what you are prepared to put in, not one single person can write your story for you, but my God Marnie does a great job with helping equip you with the right tools to continue writing your story exactly how you'd like it. You just have to breathe, take a seat & imagine... journal, self discipline, honesty & a beautiful mentor checking in with you to help keep you on track.

Chris Pannan

Massage Me Now

It is with sincere gratitude I have experienced Marnie’s multi skilled coaching styles. As a founder of a Tech Company I deal with all sorts of up and downs. Both personal and professional. Marnie’s intentions in our sessions are powerfully heart felt and transparent. Call BS and always delivers profound next level insights gaining me results in literally every session. Without being weird it’s like a higher guide is channelling words of deep transformation through her. Marnie is my go-to Coach. I’ve had countless great coaches in my life and Marnie blows me away. I highly recommend any seeker serious about busting through walls and transforming your life to take action and book a or several sessions with Marnie.

Kellie Chart

Teepeevents Whitsunday

Marnie has been an absolute god-send in helping me achieve my goals within my small business and my own personal life. I worked with her for 6 months and reached everything I set out to well before I thought was possible. Marnie says she becomes part of your team when you take on coaching with her and that's exactly how it felt. See you again in a couple of months Marnie and thanks for everything.

Tori Curtis

Loves Life

Having gone through a difficult work experience and was submerged in a toxic environment, Marnie was a light in the tunnel that helped me find a way out. I had never considered coaching before even though I was craving personal development. It was a wonderful journey and I have been able to use what I have learned from Marnie to continue to grow. Marnie is fantastic listener and I felt like I have 100% of her attention which helped contribute to my feeling of self-worth. I always felt that Marnie truly cared for me and wanted me to success. Marnie has an amazing way of putting things into perspective. I am a visual learner and Marnie was able to use visual examples and stories as lessons to help me learn and grow. Marnie is patient and kind which is something I have been inspired by along with many other life changing mindsets. I like to touch base with Marnie because I always get a little piece of wisdom and am truly inspired by her strength as a professional woman.

Sharon Dawn

Rainbow Vision Journal

To Anyone who wants to Grow with Guidance and Inspiration It is hard to find words to describe just how much I think of Marnie Reiffel. She is: Inspiring Intuitive Kind Generous Knowledgeable And quite simply, A Shining Star This lady has guided me through some tough emotional times and I feel truly blessed that she was there to help me. She has also inspired and intuitively guided me as I started setting up my business. Marnie is passionate about helping others. She has a wonderful holistic approach to both business and personal well-being and she lets her knowledge guide her as she helps others. We all need support and guidance at one time or another in our lives and especially if we are in business or been through some tough life experiences. At that time when you think you need help but don’t know who to turn to, call Marnie. She is willing to help anyone who wants to help themselves live a better and fuller life. Thank you, Marnie, for everything you have done for me. I am filled with Gratitude.

John Henderson

Whitsunday Paradise Explorer

I have been having coaching from Marnie for nearly 1 year now and it has been the best thing that I have ever done for my business and my life with my best friend and wife Jacqui. Marnie has the ability to make you stretch your mind towards fulfilling goals you never thought that you could achieve and next thing you know, it has happened! I now am involved in some very satisfying projects which were just ideas that have now become real and while a lot of people my age are possibly thinking about retirement, I feel that I have a new lease on life and have so many new ideas to work on in the future. Thank you so much Marnie for your support and "gentle" powers of persuasion.

Jacqui Henderson

True Heart Connections

After seeing the amazing results my husband has achieved since taking on Marnie as a business coach, I wanted what he was having. Working full time I was finding it difficult to start a project that was really important to me, Marnie has helped me to stucture my time, clear away the "road blocks" enabling me to find the time for me and create my master pieces of some very precious moments with ease. The project is on track and I will continue my sessions with Marnie and look forward to more life coaching with her.
Thank you Marnie you are a shinning star.

Julie McEvoy

Centred Breath

I have been having business coaching with Marnie for over a year now. Marnie is inspirational in what she does and all that she gives in her coaching sessions. She has helped me believe in who i am, and helped me overcome many hurdles within myself. I love and appreciate the energy she brings to every session. highly recommended for anyone wanting to achieve holistically in their business adventures.