Invest in Experiences and Education Instead of Possessions

Marnie Louise | 30 Day Challenge, Living Your Best Life Now

Modern society often places a lot of emphasis on collecting more things. We think having a big house, a certain kind of car, or the latest electronic gadget is something we should strive for. Material things can be enjoyable, but they rarely provide the kind of fulfillment we hope they will. When you’re focused on living a life with intention and working to create your very best life, it might make sense to focus on investing in experiences and education instead of material possessions. Take a look at these reasons why:

Joy Through Material Items is Fleeting

Surely, you’ve noticed how buying something new is really exciting at first. But, then, that excitement tends to fade. That’s because these things tend to just become part of our regular everyday existence. The excitement they bring can only last for so long. On the other hand, when you incorporate an experience into your life, it adds depth and shakes things up. It becomes a part of who you are and can bring happiness for much longer. Each new experience adds to the effect.

Experiences Create Memories

Unless it’s a particularly sentimental item, material things are rarely memorable. They don’t create warm feelings in you when you think of them. Experiences do. That’s because there is anticipation and the novelty involved with doing or learning something. You get excited before and during the event, and it’s enjoyable to look back on afterward.

Bonds are Built

Sometimes you’ll experience something new on your own, but it’s often with friends or other people. Having new experiences such as travel or entertainment events together creates bonds. Humans are social creatures. It makes sense that we thrive on the chance to experience things with others. Your relationships will be enhanced through these experiences.

Experiences Lead to Growth

Finally, you’ll simply grow as a person when you try, experience, or learn something new. You’ll gain a new perspective or viewpoint when you step out of your ordinary routine. It’s a chance to discover something you never knew before or to gain a sense of gratitude for what you have. You’ll always grow in some way when you put yourself out there to experience something outside of your day to day life. Hopefully, you now have an understanding of what you can gain by investing more in experiences and learning than in material possessions. Doing so can definitely contribute to your quality of life and increase your happiness.