How Social Media Can Skew Your Definition of Your Best Life

Marnie Louise | 30 Day Challenge, Living Your Best Life Now

Social media is a way of life in modern society. There are so many platforms to connect with others and share snippets from your own life. Connections are being made like never before, and there are tons of advantages to these platforms. Unfortunately, there are also some downsides. When you’re working proactively to live your best life, social media can skew your perception, making it difficult to tell whether you’re on the right path for you or if you’re falling into the trap of comparing your life to others’. Let’s examine the effects social media can have on the pursuit of your goals and what you can do to take charge of your own social media consumption.

Social Media Today

There are a number of popular social networking platforms, each has their own particular purpose. They can be a great way to network with others in your profession, to look for job leads and to learn more about your industry. Keeping up with friends and family is a huge advantage of these sites, especially for those who live a long distance apart. Social media offers a number of benefits in our busy world and can truly work to bring people together and make connections that weren’t possible before these platforms came into existence.

Dangers of Social Media

However, it’s a fairly well-known fact that social media does come with some negatives. People tend to only share their best sides. We get a “highlight reel” of their daily lives. There are social media influencers whose livelihoods depend upon presenting a certain image. This can cause many users to compare themselves to others in negative ways. You might feel like you can never live up to the lives of those you see on social media. Social media can be stressful and lead to a compromised self-image. You may find yourself distracted from your own goals when you’re bombarded by the seemingly perfect lives of those on social media.

How to Take Charge

You don’t have to let social media get you down, though. You can take charge to make it the experience you want it to be. Start by deciding how much time you want to spend on the sites each day and then stick to it. Next, start paring down your connections. Get rid of anyone whose posts cause negative feelings in you. Remind yourself that most people are only showing their “highlight reel” and try to avoid comparisons. Look for inspiration in your followers. Instead of feeling threatened or insecure, find ways to be motivated by the accomplishments and activities of your network.

Social media can be a really positive thing and can help to move you forward. But that’s only if you use it in healthy ways. Follow these tips to get the most out of your social media experience.