Challenge Yourself to Live Your Best Life with These 29 Tips and Ideas

Marnie Louise | 30 Day Challenge, Living Your Best Life Now

Today is the last day of our journey! We’ve covered a lot of ground together. You now possess a strong understanding of what it means to live your best life. You have strategies in place that can help you to move forward and to determine what your purpose is. Understanding the importance of living with intention will take you far.

Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane and browse through all the different topics we covered over the past 29 days. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Welcome and Why You Have to Be Intentional with What You Want in Life
  2. Are You Putting Your Life on Hold?
  3. Living Your Best Life Doesn’t Mean It Has to Be Perfect
  4. What Does It Mean to Be Intentional with Your Life?
  5. 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Wait for the Right Time
  6. Stop Saying No – Be Open to New Opportunities
  7. Cultivating a “Can Do” Mindset
  8. Don’t Let Fear Rule Your Life
  9. Improving Your Health Opens Up Choices
  10. Set Health & Fitness Goals for Yourself
  11. Tweaking Your Lifestyle to Reach Your Health and Wellness Goals
  12. Take a Look at Your Relationships & Discover if There’s Room for Improvements
  13. You’re Never Too Old to Try Something New
  14. Don’t Settle in Your Professional Life Just for the Paycheck
  15. Feeling Stuck? Widen Your Perspective About All Areas of Your Life
  16. What’s Holding You Back from Living the Life You Want?
  17. Tomorrow is Another Day – Don’t Hold on to the Past
  18. Worrying is a Waste of Time and Energy
  19. Stop Being Busy and Start Being Intentional to Get What You Want
  20. Are Your Daily Choices Aligning with Your Long-Term Goals?
  21. To Live Your Best Life, Look for Opportunities to Learn More and Continue to Challenge Yourself
  22. Make a Bucket List and Start Checking Things Off
  23. How Visualization Can Help You Live Your Best Life
  24. Invest in Experiences and Education Instead of Possessions
  25. Figure Out What You Really Want with a Brain Dump
  26. Let Go of the Perceptions and Expectations of Others
  27. How Social Media Can Skew Your Definition of Your Best Life
  28. Consistent Small Actions and Changes Will Help You Reach Even the Biggest Life Goals
  29. Use a Journal to Stay in Touch with What You Really Want in Life

What has had the biggest impact on you? What tips and ideas have you found the most helpful? Those are the posts that you want to come back to again and again.

Take a few minutes today to reflect on not only how far you’ve come, but more importantly, how this simple 30-day challenge has influenced you and changed you for the better. What positive experiences have you had as a result of our time together?

Hopefully, you feel prepared to move forward on your path to your best life. Feel free to check back on this challenge to refresh your memory and to get back on track should you find yourself losing momentum. Your life is yours to create. Enjoy the journey!